Hello from the Pacific Northwest

It all started with a vision to help a California school district with their professional development in 2003. Since then, we at Alpenspruce Education Solutions in the Pacific Northwest have created online platforms with over 40 districts across the nation and internationally.

From technology initiatives like Attend, to digital citizenship lessons for students in Alludo, our solutions are diverse. Our strength is in the districts we serve and the bridges we’re building.

When educators talk, we listen. And what many told us is that processing student transfers was causing problems for their districts. An online portal was the path we paved to solve dilemmas with transfer records.  Now on our 4th version – transferring students has never been easier for Parents or Districts.

What do we love the most about what we do? Our community! We’re proud to back districts through an innovative transfer program. See how K12 Transfers can support your district’s administrators, principals, staff, students, and even families.

Thank you for taking the time to explore K12 Transfers.

We love working with K12 school districts. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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