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Transferring a student can be a stressful time for a parent. On top of all the arrangements they need to make they now have to spend time at the district office “filling out paperwork.” Sometimes the stress bubbles over onto your staff

Help your staff provide amazing customer service

Now you can improve the experience for parents and reduce the load on your staff by taking your student transfer experience online.

K12 Transfers is the result of several years of supporting intra and inter-district transfers with districts in Riverside county. K12 Transfers provides many features to improve your transfer process:

  • Support intra and inter-district transfers
  • Reduce support time and increase parent satisfaction with real-time transfer status email updates
  • Allow sites to plan for new students with real-time site updates
  • Allow special education to plan for new students with special education workflow
  • Provide board with timely transfer updates
  • Automatic reminders when it’s time for parents to renew an inter-district transfer

Districts Using K12 Transfers

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