Updates to K12 Transfers

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We recently made several updates to K12 Transfers including: Tag Transfer Requests – Categorize transfers that makes the most sense for your district. Manage Tags – Create and manage the tags for your district. Reviewer Notes – Keep reviewer notes on each transfer Email Opt-Out – Opt out of receiving transfer activity notifications. Enhanced Filters (First Name, Last Name, […]

Managing transfers with special education needs

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Often, special education departments need to review transfers with special education needs to determine if the requested transfer site can support the student. This review usually results in spreadsheets being emailed back and forth between student services and the special education departments. This results in more email with questions like, “Do you have the current […]

Counselors and Site Transfer Management

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We released two new features today: counselor requested transfers and site transfer management. Counselor Requested Transfers Sometimes counselors need to request and monitor transfers for students. This may be necessary for a few reasons including student safety. Whatever the reason, you can assign counselors a role within K12 Transfers and that allows them to request […]

Search and Letter Generation

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We just released three meaningful features that I’d like to share with you Searching by Student ID When you are filtering a list of student transfers – incoming, outgoing, or internal – you can now search by Student ID. Preventing Duplicate Requests We noticed that there were quite a few duplicate requests coming in from […]

How-to and Help

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K12 Transfers has updated ‘how-to’ documentation and a help ticketing system directly in the application.  If you need to know how to do something, you can just click the help link in the menu bar and you will have access to all of the how-to documentation for K12 Transfers. We tried to cover everything in […]

K12 Transfers Email Tracking

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K12 Transfers supports email notifications for parents that allow parents to know the status of their student’s transfer request without having to contact the district office. This makes for a much better experience for parents and reduces support costs for the district. However, one challenge that remains is that parents don’t always enter their email […]