How-to and Help

K12 Transfers has updated ‘how-to’ documentation and a help ticketing system directly in the application. 

If you need to know how to do something, you can just click the help link in the menu bar and you will have access to all of the how-to documentation for K12 Transfers. We tried to cover everything in the documentation so it is quite extensive. 

Help documentation doesn’t always answer your questions. In this case, you can now send us a help request directly in the application. You no longer have to exit the application and send us an email; just send us a message and we’ll get notified.

  1. Lottery
  2. Configuring Letter Delivery
  3. Email Templates
  4. Manually Generating a Letter
  5. Letter Templates
  6. User Roles
  7. Adding a User
  8. Managing Reasons
  9. Policy Terms
  10. Attachments